General Suggestions

Maybe add a column for what OS the various games work on? - still thinking on it because most games can be emulated in Wine for instance.

Also add a column for PC gender (Female/Male/Other/Selectable) as this list doesn't have one for fetish - The problem is the table can only hold so much information. I'm still looking into a way to change it in a custom site where one can select which fetishes they want for instance but, I'm not a coder and just have to figure things out so it's a really slow process.

New games

add new games here. Just keep the first entry so people know how it works while not having to keep checking the syntax page.

Games list
Name Updated (YMD) Genre Art Version Engine Active Links Mirror Rate
Title 2017-07-19 RPG 3D 1.0 Ren'Py Yes Blogspot No keep empty

Update 10-01: Added all the new entries. Sorry it took some time but I have been extremely busy.


Just put the title and after that the change.

Games list
Name Updated Additional Change
2 entries changed 2017-10-01 thanks for the info. Updated Forest Camp and Corrupting the intern with the new free versions
Last Sovereign, The 2017-09-09 version: 0.29.3